Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 30

Candy Crush Level 30Candy Crush Level 30 is not that hard. But it is really hard for being this early in the game. Follow these Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 30 like a pro!

This is not a very difficult level but it can be very frustrating. First step is to get rid of as much frosting as possible in the beginning. So start from the bottom and work up.

Focus on creating vertical striped candies then activating them to bring down the ingredients. If you have a chance to use a combo of striped mixed with sprinkles then you get the ultimate combo for level 30.

These ingredients will drop one at a time, so focus on bringing them down, not bringing down more. Get the ingredient down as fast as you can to move to the next level.

Plan ahead to get those power combos, and remember that ingredients to not work well with wrapped candies because they block the blast. So be sure to try and use wrapped candies in a combo with striped candies to beat candy crush level 30.

Candy Crush Level 30

Are you still having issues with beating candy crush level 30? Tell us about it, drop us a note below. And if you like our tips to beat candy crush level 30 and want us to give notes on another level, let us know.


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    • candycrusher says:

      That sounds pretty cool, but most people do not want to cheat at candy crush. Just are looking for tips to beat levels. Thanks for the post!

  2. Louise burns says:

    I can get all the frosting gone and get some of the cherries gone but so many times the acorns and cherries don’t drop down until I only have a few clicks left. I can’t get past this level no matte what I try.. please help!

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